Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/25/2008

on Barack Obama’s little problem of his history of involvement with the fascist left:

[60’s terrorists] Ayers and Dohrn are simply the most visible of the far left supporters who propelled Barack Obama’s early political career .. I should add that I don’t believe Obama is a dangerous man in the sense
he would overturn the government and turn the US into some gigantic
gulag. But if the voters knew the half of it, Obama would have been
marginalized as a far left liberal as surely as Dennis Kucinich.

Rather naively, Moran asks:

Will the media expose Obama? Will they criticize Senator McCain if he
tries to paint Obama as a radical? Will they dig deep into Obama’s
associations and associates to discover the truth?

The answer, of course, is certainly no, they won’t.


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