Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/14/2008

We’ve never had a bigger “experience gap” between Presidential candidates.  John McCain will be the oldest newly elected President in American history if he wins, and Barack Obama will be one of the youngest.  John McCain has done many things in his career.  Barack Obama has done just a bit more than nothing.  But the gap isn’t merely of age and resume, its a gap between two very different Americas.  John McCain grew up listening to radio in a world without TV, the son of a traditional family in an America with values more like those of 1800s than those of the 2000s. Barrack Obama grew up watching “Three’s Company” and smoking pot in Hawaii, the son of a broken home and a polygamous non-American father.  John McCain grew up in a deeply patriotic country, the grandson of an American war hero who kicked butt fighting a mighty Asian empire.  Barrack Obama grew up in a country which had lost faith in itself, a country in which the most influential segment of the population had come to loath much of its history and many of its most important institutions.  A country with had been defeated by a weak Asian nation, with the sometime vocal support of an ever expanding leftist University culture.

If McCain folks want to illustrate the “experience gap”, or the Obama folks want to illustrate the “culture gap” (or maybe they don’t), I’d recommend they emphasize what might be called “the timeline gap”:


McCain:  attends St. Stephens School and Episcopal High School in Virginia.

Obama:  not yet born.


McCain:  attends U.S. Naval Academy

Obama:  not yet born.


McCain:  drinks too much, dates a stripper, neglects his studies in flight school.

Obama:  not yet born.


McCain: on alert duty as a fighter pilot during the Cuban missile crisis.

Obama:  is born.  Spits up, poops.


McCain: survives fire and explosion on the U.S.S. Forrestal.  Flies combat missions over North Vietnam.  Is captured and imprisoned by the vicious North Vietnamese, who torture and humiliate their victims.

Obama:  lives in Jakarta, Indonesia where he speaks Indonesian and attends a Catholic school.


McCain:  continued imprisonment in the “Hanoi Hilton” and other North Vietnamese prison camps.

Obama:  is enrolled in the Basuki School in Jakarta, Indonesia where he attends weekly Muslim services and instruction in Islam. Obama writes a school paper in which he expresses a desire to be “President” (of Indonesia?) so that he can “make people happy.”

I’ll add more later.


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