Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/11/2008

Republican Party this morning and party officials say that they will let people know the actual vote results and who actually won the Republican caucus later this afternoon.  You can read the results when they are posted here.   The shenanigans the GOP elites tried to pull this weekend are the kind of things that leaves citizens cynical about the politics.  Saturday night the party was saying the final results would be tallied Sunday morning.  Yesterday afternoon they were saying the vote would be counted Monday morning.  Now more delay.  The party only had about 13,000 voters.  The problem can’t be the adding up of these small numbers …

UPDATE:  Pudge at Sound Politics weighs in on “the meaninglessness of the Presidential preference tally” in the Washington caucuses.  Well, yes.  Not so significant in terms of what happens next in the arcane workings of the Washington caucus process, but significant in terms of the most important thing this election season — the perception race.  The nationally important perceptions race and the fresh air of sunshine into the process are the only reasons to release any result from the caucus —  and the party botched it.

UPDATE II:  There is a gigantic Red State / Blue State divide in the state of Washington.  Eastern Washington is traditional Barry Goldwater / Ronald Reagan country — libertarian and socially conservative.  Western Washington is much more Country Club Republican territory.  Well, the votes that weren’t counted in the Washington caucus were Eastern Washington votes — and the Red State Easter Washington Republicans are as mad as hell:

I am a Washington State precinct committee officer in one of the rural areas of our state.

There are a number of things wrong with the WA caucus.

is that me and a number of people from my community took valuable time
out of our Saturday to go and caucus.  Then, when I call the state
party office I am told that the declaration was made even though they
did not get the official results from “some people” in the rural areas
who may be sending the results in via snail mail. 

Aaarrgghhh… I said… That would be me!

my question to the party was whether or not we should have even shown
up to caucus?  I mean I expect that the good folks in Seattle would
dearly love to have us show up on the second Tuesday in November. 
Considering we are likely to have a knock down drag out rematch between
Republican Dino Rossi and Democrat Christine Gregiore.

It is this kind of treatment by the party establishment that has fueled the suspicions of the grass roots folk such as me.

to those suspicions the generic dislike for John McCain and you have a
“not good” scenario potentially building for the general election.

I am a former Fred head who became a soft Romney voter who ended up
caucusing for Huckabee to send a message to the McCainiacs that he
still has work to do.  And for what it is worth, my precinct did not
include ONE McCain vote.  And we were not counted by Luke Esser?

Also this:

I happen to be a Precinct Committee Officer for one of the rural
counties that are NOT included in that “McCain victory” poll that Esser
is touting.

I called the party office today and the kind
secretary said that all the votes had not been counted and that some of
the rural counties rely on snail mail to deliver results. WELL DUH! I
told her that I happen to be one of those rural precincts and can say
that in MY precinct there was not ONE vote for McCain.

I can
also say that I know for a fact that one of the other precincts, that
was caucusing with us, had at least one other voter who said she would
never be able to vote for McCain. She is a former mayor of a town here
on the east side of the cascades.

Then to ad insult to injury the “official” website of the state party had on their front page a “news” story that declared “Sen. McCain Wins Republican Precinct Caucuses in Washington State.”

asked the communications director how one can “declare” anything if all
the votes have not been counted? Unless of course you folks on the west
side of the state really don’t care to count those of us on the east
side at all.

Hey Luke Esser perhaps you don’t really want us to vote in November either? Care to go the general election alone?

The bloggers blog is called NW Republican.


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