Exit Results — The Hillary Clinton Voter

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/09/2008

The Composite Hillary Voter — an aging Catholic woman without children who only rarely attends Mass, lacks a college degree, takes in $20-40 thousand, does not work full time, registers Democrat and votes liberal. And if you don’t believe me, look for yourself or check out some of these numbers:

* Obama beat Hillary in the 18-39 age bracket. Hillary beat Obama in the 40+ group.

* Hillary polled better with women who were not married (51%) than with women who were married (45%), and she polled better with women who didn’t have children that she did with women who do have children. Women without children made up 36% of the Democrat vote, and Hillary took 50% of that vote. But only 20% of Democrat voters were women with children, and among these Hillary took a lower 44% of the vote.

* Catholics made up 34% of the Democrat vote, and Hillary took 45% of that vote. And if you break that down, 25% of the vote consisted of Catholics who do not attend weekly services. Hillary took 47% of their votes, but only 36% of the 9% of the voters who attend Mass weekly.

* Obama beat Hillary among those who work full time. Hillary beat Obama among those who don’t.

UPDATE: Here’s another account of the Democrat exit polls, and here’s one from Real Clear Politics.

BONUS — The Many Voices of Hillary Clinton.

And has anyone noticed that Hillary Clinton checks out the TV camera at least four times in the midst of her emotional confessional about how hard it is to be a woman running for President?

UPDATE: See also Tom Maguire on polling and The Hillary Effect.

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