Hillary’s Spinsters vs. America’s Children

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/09/2008

If you look at the polls, Hillary Clinton’s strongest voting block is the aging boomer woman, without a full time job, often without a husband, without children in the home — and very often without any children at all. And if you’ve been paying attention you’re fully aware that these soon to be government-dependent voters are winning a titanic power struggle for the future of America. This from Robert Samuelson:

The big lie of campaign 2008 — so far — is that the presidential candidates, Democratic and Republican, will take care of our children. Listening to these politicians, you might think they will. Doing well by children has now passed Motherhood and Apple Pie as an idol that all candidates must worship.

Actually, these are throwaway lines, completely disconnected from reality.

Our children face a future of rising taxes, squeezed — and perhaps falling — public services, and aging — perhaps deteriorating — public infrastructure (roads, sewers, transit systems). Today’s young workers and children are about to be engulfed by a massive income transfer from young to old that will perversely make it harder for them to afford their own children.

No major candidate of either party proposes to do much about this, even though the facts are well-known.

Hillary’s Spinsters like to hear all the empty emotional rhetoric about children, but what they really like is the Daddy State which keeps them comfortable, promises to fix the problems the media has them worrying about, and indulgently spends money on their latest caprice, whether charitable or self-centered. The only thing is, when these ladies start dying off, the children of their nieces and nephews will be left with the crushing burden of gigantic taxes and a collapsing social infrastructure. Good work Hillary. Good work gals.

UPDATE: Don’t miss Tom Maguire on The Hillary Effect.

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  1. Dooz said

    Right. In many ways, we Boomers are not leaving our kids much to work with.

    Meanwhile, they don’t know how to work. Incompetence, attitude, selfishness, and laziness are the hallmarks of the upcoming workforce. It’s getting hard to get good service anywhere; in a few years it will be impossible.

    So who will be supporting us in our old age? Who will be rebuilding the roads? Who will care?

    The future doesn’t seem too promising.

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