Sowell Likes Romney, Hates McCain

Posted by PrestoPundit on 01/08/2008

Worth quoting: “[McCain’s] track record in the Senate is full of the betrayals of Republican supporters that have been the party’s biggest failing over the years and its Achilles heel politically.”

It would be a disaster if non-Republicans from New Hampshire gave GOP party members John McCain as their standard barrier. Who came up with this idiotic system anyway?

Also, Pete Wehner holds an Irish wake on the very fresh grave of the Clinton era in Democratic Party politics.

UPDATE: Winning the sweet spot of the Republican party — the Reagan mainstream — is more than enough to win the GOP nomination:

[Romney’s] appeal to Reagan conservatives .. isn’t going to fade because Iowa evangelicals and New Hampshire Independents favor Mike Huckabee and John McCain respectively.

“But he’s the governor to the state just south of the New Hampshire. He should have won!” If he wins the Republican vote, he will have won the key to the long campaign: The endorsement of the party members whose nomination he seeks.

[Four] other reasons to laugh at the “Romney’s finished” chorus of analysts:

1. The Luntz focus group: Assume the reactions of those Alpha Republican activists across the country who watched it from start to finish are the same as the Luntz group. Are they going to let their best candidate be retired by Granite State independents?

2. The rise of Obama: Really, do you think 71-year old John McCain can come close to the phenom from Chicago? Even as concern over the war fades because of the success of the surge? The fall debates will see a respectful Obama listen intently to the elder statesman and promise to consult closely with him, and then he’ll turn to the audience and talk about a new era of change that will include the best of the generation that has served us so well and so bravely. If McCain tries to get tough with Obama, the Saturday night McCain emerges, and the GOP is toast. If he smiles at Obama and comments on his youth and inexperience, everyone will hear their grandpa saying “When I was a kid….” and tune out. Turn out the lights on the GOP at that moment ..

3. Resources .. Do you think the Club for Growth is going to throw in the towel and abandon its agenda because older New Hampshire independents admire John McCain’s heroism?

4. As Rush explained at length about Huckabee yesterday, and as John McCain’s debate performance Saturday night displayed again, these are not mainstream Reagan-Bush Republicans equipped with the positions and temperament for a serious run in November. The Huck’s departures from the GOP core beliefs were detailed by Rush. The amnesty debate and a series of other splits with the party disqualify McCain unless you believe that ideas really don’t matter within the GOP. The longer those debates continue, the harder it becomes for MSM to keep up its protective shield around the two anti-agenda candidates.


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  1. Harry Dick said

    Where were you in 2006? Independents and moderate Republicans have bailed on the GOP. Do you want to win elections or do you simply want to make your point LOUDLY?. Your another right-wing hack with no clue onreality. I’m going to laugh as you people continue to slog through a miserable election season. VIVA LA MITTSTER!

  2. Doctor X said

    McCain’s track record is full of republican betrayals? I say good. The Republican record, from pork to immigration populism, deserves to be betrayed.

  3. Doctor X said

    I believe ideas matter in the GOP. I just believe the GOP has the wrong ideas sometimes: Do we really need to cut more taxes in the next administration? The only tax that needs to go is the AMT, and that’s a McCain staple. The next four years will not see more tax cuts passed if only for the reason that the democrats will control congress and the American people are in a populist mood. Do we really like the status quo on immigration? I see deporting 12 million people as inhumane, and denying people their right to find work and free movement in this country unethical, and antithetical to REAGANITE free market principles, asshat! I see a federal marriage amendment as unconservative in its unabashed federalism.

    These are the reasons why I am for McCain, because when the GOP refuses to act like a grown up, he sticks it to them.

    But yes, if the GOP nominates romney this conservative is leaving the party. If Romney wins the nomination, then this party deserves to lose in 2008.

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