The Baby Boomer Death Clock

Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/15/2007

For those who are sick of the Hillary Clinton generation, you’ve got to love this.

See also Daniel Henniger on Hillary, 1968 and the long good-bye.

The first time I confronted boomers staring at “the 60’s” and their own navel was in high school. And if you look at this weeks cover of Time (or is it Newsweek), they’re still doing it. Aren’t we sick to death of the boomers? Yes, we are. Quotable:

[There is] a man who won’t mince words about the Age of Aquarius — Nicolas Sarkozy, the new president of France. When Mr. Sarkozy was campaigning in April against the Socialist Ségolène Royal, he said: “In this election, it is a question of whether the heritage of May ’68 should be perpetuated or if it should be liquidated once and for all.” He described the political Left born out of that period as “cynical” and “immoral.”

Will any Republican dare be a Sarkozy in his run against Hillary in ’08?

(And just for the record I reject the idea that any kid born in the 1960’s can be properly called a boomer.  A person born in 1946 is no more part of my generation than someone born in the 1930s is part of the Hillary Clinton generation.)

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