“Free Trade” In Contaminated Chinese Food

Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/15/2007

An eye opener:

Chinese foods detained by the FDA in March alone included frozen catfish tainted with illegal veterinary drugs, fresh ginger polluted with pesticides, melon seeds contaminated with a cancer-causing toxin, and filthy dried dates ..

it has [also] been discovered that the Chinese put diethylene glycol, a prime ingredient used in antifreeze, into many varieties of medicines including cough syrup, fever medication, and injectable drugs. This poison was substituted for glycerin, a sweet-tasting solvent commonly and safely used in drugs, but which is more expensive than diethylene glycol ..

Americans also learned that 6,000 hogs in eight states might have been fed salvage products containing [melamine] tainted rice gluten, and several hundred of these hogs may have entered the human food supply. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has put a hold on 20 million chickens raised for human consumption that ate melamine-tainted feed.


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