Ben Stein Looks Back

Posted by PrestoPundit on 12/30/2005

Ben Stein is turning nostagic over happy memories from the past. In a “Ben Stein Special Report” he looks back — and thinks of those who made those moments possible. Quotable:

Other happy moments flood back to me: lying in my parents’ living room not long before they died, with my mother offering me grapes and my father reading the American Economic Review, and all of us at peace. And this was a rare moment indeed. All inside the glittering dome made for us by the men aboard nuclear submarines and the women caring for the sick, and the policemen of the District of Columbia and the firemen and EMT’s, too.

And my favorite moments now, lying in bed in front of the fire, wind blowing through the palm fronds outside, with the dogs and my wife, napping while the dogs snore and my wife reads her mysteries: and all while far better men and women than we are fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families live in terror back home.

I often think similar thought. The whole thing is worth a read.


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