Schwarzenegger Veers Hard Left

Posted by PrestoPundit on 11/30/2005

Arnold Schwarzenegger has named a former Gray Davis aide — and former executive director of the California Democratic Party — as his new chief of staff. Daniel Weintraub doesn’t see any problem with that. The FlashReport has more on the nominee. Schwarzenegger’s new chief of staff — Susan Kennedy — actually managed the left-Demo 1998 get-out-the-vote campaign which gave us Gray Davis.

I’ve come to regret my vote in the recall election. Tom McClintock would have made a much better governor for the state of California. Schwarzenegger is simply in over his head. He’s failing us and he doesn’t even know it.

Jon Fleischman
considers Schwarzenegger’s pick “the big kiss-off to the GOP base” and he’s right.

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